Our Chef


Before all else, let’s talk about Chef Pop’s momentous chronicle. He has started cooking since he was 8 years old. After graduating from Science and Technology (agriculture Technology), he took a course and got Thai Western Culinary certificates at Dusit Thani College, which is now Le Cordon Bleu. Chef Pop enthusiastically began working and training in the Hotel, Dusit Thani Group, later on. In 2004, He came to the United State with his flourishing dream, ambition, and attempt. In short, he has been working hard in numerous restaurants in the past 10 years.

Chef Pop had first started working at Sugarcane Raw Bar&Grill in Miami. All dishes were inspired by international influences and South American spirit. Timon Balloo, the famous chef in Sugarcane Raw Bar&Grill, who was thrilled to be a part of the James Beard Awards in NYC, professionally had trained Chef Pop. As everyone has known, Timon Balloo, every dish he makes has plenty of colorful tastes and esthetically overwhelming content. He could present all dishes very wisely and aesthetically. He has been respectfully admired as a God of creative food-maker.

Thereafter, Chef Pop had moved to work at Zuma in Miami since Zuma recently was opened. The time has passed by; Chef Pop has accompanied with Zuma and helped make it one of the recognized restaurants until it became very well known, and had a very good reputation. As stated in Zuma, it has many branches. Zuma in London has been chosen as the top 50 best restaurants in the world from San Pellegrino Magazine. As luck would have it, Chef Pop had been accomplishedly trained from Katsutoshi Eudo. Katsutoshi once was a colleague of Jiro (Dreams of Sushi) who was a Godfather of Sushi maker. On the top of that Chef pop himself was also upskilled by Bjoern Weissgerber (Michelin Star Chef), who had a passion for Japanese foods, and his establishment was a work of art in every piece, also he was a disciple of an expert Ferran Adria, the owner of Elbulli where it is a top 5 restaurants of the world. Therewithal, Chef Pop also sophisticatedly demonstrated his works in Zuma to the renowned persons namely as follows:

President Bill Clinton, Will Smith, Gerald Butler, Kim Kardashian, Shakira, Beyonce, Jay Z, Mel Gibson, Lebron James and entire team of Miami Heat, Celtics team (2012) including Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, David Beckham, Tom Brady, Marc Antony and so on.

At present, in due course, Chef Pop has run his own Thai restaurant in Scarborough in Maine since 2014. He becomes a Chef owner (partner) at Four Spoons Thai Inspired Cuisine & Bar afterward. He aims to obtain his precious experiences, efficient skills and refined knowledge to spread to his crews and fulfill all his customers properly. The entire dishes are incited by Thai style as a Spoon Classic. He also creates a newfangled and unconventional version of a dish as a Spoon Signature, which is one of a kind Thai restaurant in town.

Chef Pop has devoted himself to delicately make and decorate every single dish to give the mainstream on his foods that is the unique differences from the previous usual ways. To guarantee, the unabridged dishes you taste are very fresh and authentic due to exquisite concern on the materials.